Friday, February 8, 2013

Have you heard of the "Crocheting Blues"?

Hello all!!

Have you ever heard of the "Crocheting Blues"? No? Are you sure??? I think you have! It's that period (short, long and OMG what am I going to do?) of time when you're in a crochet block and no, not those kinds of blocks!!

It's when you have all these gorgeous balls of yarn, your favorite hook and pattern yet you don't know what to crochet or simply don't feel like crocheting. It's all coming back to you now, isn't it?

I had the "Crocheting Blues" the other day for like TWO days straight! Can you believe it? Two days without touching my hooks and yarn! That was not fun at all. But I just couldn't bring myself to make anything. For some reason my inspiration just went poof and left me :(.

Thank God for Pinterest! It only took me a couple of hours to restore it to it's original place and voilĂ ! I picked up my yarn and hook and started crocheting again. I actually came up with a series of new patterns that I'm sure you'll enjoy.There are still in the developing phases so no photos yet. 

After curing myself of the blues, this is what I did =0) My first fingerless gloves and a hat to match them! Let me know what you think.


Tips for getting rid of the "Crocheting Blues":

#1 Take a step back. Sometimes too much yarn (GASP) can be overwhelming and you just need to put the hook and yarn down.

#2 If that doesn't work, take a walk outside even if it's for just five minutes. The fresh air will clear your head from all the yarn webs and allow new ideas to flow.

#3 Pinterest! Piterest! Pinterest! When all else fails, Pinterest! You'll find that browsing through it will let your creativity resurface and you'll create gorgeous new projects!!

There you have it! Getting rid of the "Crocheting Blues" when they creep up on you without notice!

Would you know what to do when it happens to you?

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  1. Love your hat and fingerless gloves. Love the black and turquoise color combination. Thanks for the advice on how to cure the blues. Even though I browse Pinterest hadn't thought about using it for this reason, I will rummage through my books for inspiration sometimes. I not only get creative block, but color block sometimes.