Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Woo hoo!!

Hi!! Oh my God I have to share with you the reason why I'm so happy!!

I designed a new Raggedy Ann and in a matter of hours it was trending number five on Craftsy's paid patterns. By the time I got up it had gone to number three!!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

How to price your handmade items

Happy Monday!!

Today we're going to talk about pricing your handmade items. Whether you knit, crochet, make jewelry, etc. you have to know how and what to do in order to make money out of your creativity.

Many times as designers we question our own talent and are afraid of charging what our work is really worth because we're afraid that others might think it's too high or not worth that much. Well, I'm here to tell you that I've been where you are and it took me some time to FINALLY realize that what I make is just as good as anyone else's product.
When I first started crocheting I did it just for fun and to release stress. It took some convincing from family and friends to actually get me to start selling my items.  I didn't think what I made was worth charging for and with SO many talented people out there, I didn't think I'd stand a chance at making money. But, there's room for everyone in this and other markets. There's thousands of people that knit and crochet and make jewelry but you can't let that stop you from doing what you LOVE to do and earn money at the same time.

First impression
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Your client will know if you believe in your product or not by your confidence in it. Believe in your talent. If you don't believe your product is good enough neither will your clients.  Remember not everyone is a client either and don't get discouraged if you don't sell something. It just means that person doesn't know the true value of handmade items.

How does it work?
The main thing you have to do is figure out how much it costs YOU and what your earnings will be once you've got an order. I found a blog that will tell you how to price your items accordingly without losing money =0)

Don't give up!!!
No matter how long it takes you to start selling, don't give up!! The first sale is always the hardest. Once you get that first sale out of the way, the rest follow easily. Two years ago I wouldn't have thought of selling anything and now I can say I'm well accomplished in selling my items. I'm no longer afraid of charging what my talent and time are worth. Two years ago wouldn't have dreamed of making patterns and today I have 25 patterns of my own that had I let doubt win, I wouldn't be sharing with you. If I can do it, so can YOU!!
Have fun doing what you love and remember that it's all about believing in YOU and the rest is easy!

Check out this detailed blog on how to price your items and make money doing so.

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