Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Tuesday!!

Hello Hookers!!!
Today is Tuesday and that means RTS day!! These are some of the items ready to ship, for more items check out my Etsy shop or my Facebook page on the left for complete list.

                                                                            Tutu set $35

                                                              Pocoyo inspired set $30
                                                         Strawberry Shortcake set $80
                                                           Sunflower hat and tutu set $45
                                                                       Pumpkin Owl $25
                                                                  Pumpkin Owl $30
                                                            Caramel Candy Corn tutu $35
                                                              Pumpkin bonnet $25
                                                      Knotty hat and leg warmer $30
                                                         Santa bonnet and leg warmers $30

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